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Workshop Leaders

Charity Loring, LMSW
Ower and Founder of- 
Loring Therapy, LLC, Do it forYou Women's Retreat
and Emotional Support Collaborative
Women's Retreat:!womensretreat/cqkg


Charity Loring’s knowledge and passion are in helping others reach their therapeutic goals, teaching dance, dance therapy and leading groups of people into the great outdoors via adventurous events.


Workshops -

Setting Healthy Boundaries

Changing your Mind Changes your Thinking

Self Image Therapy


Brooke Ratliff
Accountant by day, Kitchen Ninja and Cardmaker by night.
Women's Retreat:!womensretreat/cqkg




Brooke enjoys sharing her knowledge and hobbies with others. Especially when it contributes to the health and happiness which we all deserve.


Workshops -

Card-making Camp

Healthy Eating on a Budget

Rachel Kain

IT professional; Nights and Weekends:

Certified yoga teacher, singer, and writer.
Women's Retreat:!womensretreat/cqkg


Rachel Kain has been practicing yoga and meditation for over 18 years and teaching it for nearly 15. She has a passion for health and fitness and helping others.


Workshops -

Yoga for Every Body

Sun Salute Yoga

Wendy Pellerito

Addicted to Nature and not afraid to admit it

Women's Retreat:!womensretreat/cqkg


Wendy worked for a local land conservancy whose mission was to protect open spaces to benefit the wildlife and enrich the lives of people.  She is also a serious organic gardener and was the lead coordinator for a community garden program in her neighborhood.  She currently is an event organizer for the Michigan Adventure Club where she enjoys tromping through the woods with others and sharing her love for nature.  Photography is her second language.


Workshops -

Nature Photographer’s Hike - a Healthy Addiction


Mridu Pasrija

Meditation Teacher

Senior Product Application Consultant Energy Coach, Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ Teacher,

Live Life Radiantly, LLC

Northville, MI


Women's Retreat:!womensretreat/cqkg


Mridu is a wonderful listener, and absolutely loves working with people. She offers healing and transformative sessions to help individuals recognize, realize and connect with their own power, wisdom, and joy. She also teaches classes that encourage and facilitate growth, connection, personal freedom, healing and transformation.


Workshops -

Meditation, Mindfulness & Breath Work


Lara Pomnitz, LLBSW

Lara Pomnitz, LLBSW

Social Worker / MSW student

Group Facilitator

Concentraton: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Women’s Retreat Assistant Leader


Lara is an MSW Student at Wayne State University School of Social Work with a Concentration in Interpersonal Practice and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Trained in Mental Health First Aid through the National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare.

Trained Facilitator / Assistant Organizer for the Emotional Support Collaborative under the supervision of Charity M. Loring, LMSW

Lara Pomnitz is a LLBSW Social Worker and a Clinical Social Worker in training. In her work environment she implements person centered care planning, providing and assessing individuals needs for behavioral and emotional support/interventions. She has compassion for the growth and improvement of others and strives to help others attain maximum psychosocial functioning, self-determination and independence. She is trained in Mental Health First Aid to provide initial help to individuals experiencing mental health problems such as depression, anxiety disorders, psychosis and substance use disorders. As an Assistant Organizer and Trained Facilitator  for the Emotional Support Collaborative, Lara provides therapeutic interventions utilizing the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach.

Adrianne Allen

Dance Instructor, Dance Studio Owner, Competitive Choreographer

Certified in Kinesiological Stretching.

Dancers for Life School of Dance

6254 Middlebelt Rd, Garden City, Mi

Business Phone: (734) 422-1000


Women's Retreat:!womensretreat/cqkg

Adrianne Allen gets so much joy out of seeing people smile a big as she does. She gets even more joy if she can help be apart of that smile! Adrianne loves seeing people come out of their shells and celebrate the beautiful art of movement through dance and creative movement. Let Adrianne help you through the process of finding personal comfort through Dance and Creative Movement.



Body in Motion

Sandy Anderson
Hospital Nurse by day for 34 years,
Zumba instructor by night
Women's Retreat!womensretreat/cqkg


Sandy ha been a Nurse in the hospital setting for 34 years and a licensed Zumba Instructor for 3 years.

After making a major healthy change in her life 8 years ago, Sandy lost 85 pounds. She loves to share fun ways to be active and become fit and see people smile while they sweat, which brings her great joy.

Workshops -


Brenda Fage & Grace Alexander

Hula Hoop Instructors & Performers

Michigan Hoop Girls

Women's Retreat:!womensretreat/cqkg


Starting out as friends who shared a passion, Grace and Brenda decided to join forces in 2014 to form Michigan Hoop Girls. Since their humble beginnings, they have collectively lead dozens of workshops and graced stages all over country. They have left their mark on the hoop community both individually and as a team. Their dance and teaching styles not only complement each other, but create a dynamic and impressive display of artistry and talent.


Workshops -

Beginner’s Hoop Dance +  Movement Meditation

Jayne Evelyn

Licensed Massage Therapist 

Jayne Evelyn Massage

2240 Middlebelt Rd., Garden City, MI 

Women's Retreat:!womensretreat/cqkg


Jayne is a Licensed Massage Therapist with over five years of experience. She provides affordable bodywork to clients with a wide range of needs and goals. It's her mission to help clients achieve a greater sense of wellness and awareness of their bodies and muscular health.
Jayne provides bodywork from her private practice in Garden City Michigan.


Workshops -

Free 15 minute massages on Sunday

Arnetta Ford

Certified Doula &

Michigan Department of Corrections employee

Women's Retreat:!womensretreat/cqkg


Arnetta teaches Parenting classes, works for the Michigan Department of Corrections and is a Doula for expecting mothers. Arnetta has an immeasurable positive outlook, attitude, approach, active lifestyle and lives life to it’s fullest.


Icebreaker Queen

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