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About Me


As a Masters Level Clinical Therapist and Social Worker, I have dedicated my career to improving and enriching the lives of children, adolescents, adults, couples and families in the Metro Detroit area. I provide individual, family, group and couples therapy. I am honored to have an opportunity to work with individuals who are willing to take that difficult step in getting the help they may need. Addressing internal issues and external challenges need to be met with compassion, empathy, respect and knowledgeable treatment. I treat people with therapeutic techniques that I cater to their needs and personality. Everyone is different, therefore every treatment plan is different. For more information on the therapeutic techniques I practice, feel free to visit the "Therapeutic Specialties" page.


Insured by National Association of Social Work Licensed by State of Michigan
For National Women's Month,  Charity Loring, LMSW, founder of Loring Therapy LLC & Do it for You Retreats was interviewed on empowering Women through Counseling, Communication, Dance and Retreats.
Interview discussing free and affordable Therapeutic Groups, Domestic Violence, ADHD, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Stress Reduction and setting Healthy Boundaries in life.
Info on Groups:
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