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Self Image/Dance Therapy - Individual Instruction & Workshops 

Contact Charity Loring, LMSW to Present or Lead a Dance Therapy Workshop at your next gathering.

For upcoming workshops, go to:


You do not have to know how to dance to join us. 


I have combined my years of knowledge as a Mental Health Therapist and Dance Instructor to create this Therapeutic and Expressive Technique.

I teach Stress reduction techniques and Therapeutic self acceptance exercises through the form of  dance. 


You don't have to know how to dance to attend!

Women and Teens of all ages, shapes, sizes and skill sets are welcome!


Wear workout clothes or anything you feel comfortable dancing in. 

You can wear tennis shoes, dance shoes, ballet slippers, or bare feet. Just don't wear socks by themselves as the floor is slippery.


For individual instruction, email Charity Loring, LMSW of Loring Therapy, LLC at:

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