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FREE Group Therapy

Group page:

Loring Therapy offers FREE Group Therapy to the community for those who cannot afford therapy or just need additional support in their lives.

Each of our Groups is led by a Masters Level Theapist or Intern.  Each leader is a trained facilitator.

Our Groups are FREE for the first 60 days then you can pay a $25 annual fee to attend as many groups as you like throughout the year.


Groups we lead on a weekly basis:


* Womens Group

* Depression and Anxiety Group

* Social Anxiety Group

* Setting Healthy Boundaries/ Assertiveness Group

* LGBT Group


You Must RSVP your spot to attend.

We can seat 10 people in the office for each of our groups.  

To attend, you must first RSVP your spot at:

Loring Therapy's Emotional Support Collaborative 


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