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A full day of Nurturing & Empowering Women Physically & Emotionally
Introvert, Ambivert and Extrovert friendly

Sunday, March 5th - 11 am - 7 pm. 

Location: Spark Collective East

215 W. Michigan Ave, Ypsilanti, MI

Parking: Free. Metered Street Parking, Library Parking Lot (next door) and Public Parking Lots are free on Sundays.

$20 per workshop

$80 for Full Day Pass - All 5 workshops (Save $20)

Space is limited. To Provide a comfortable atmosphere, Only 15 Full Day passes are available.

3 individual passes available for each individual workshop. Email for individual workshop payment

Purchase your $80 Full Day Pass (online only) here: Retreat Payment

Full Day Pass includes: All 5 workshops, Chill Room, Crafts, Meditation, Snacks, Coffee & Tea

Scholarships Provided

Write a letter of intent describing who you are, proof of financial hardship and how you think you could benefit from our Women's Wellness Day Retreat and email it to: .

Deadline: 2/18/2017, 5:00 p.m.

Our committee will review all letters and vote.  Beneficiaries will be awarded a Full Day pass at 1/2 the price and contacted via email.

Do as you wish! Attend all the workshops, some or just partially. Take breaks in the Chill room when you need to. This day is for you, so you do as you wish!

11:00 a.m. - Inner Strength

No one is born with inner strength, it is crafted. Learn several Therapeutic techniques to build your inner strength. Emotional Self Care, Effective Communication, Changing the Neuro plasticity within the brain, Meditation & many more tools will be taught in this fun & empowering workshop by a licensed Mental Health Therapist and Clinical Social Worker.

Instructor: Charity Loring, LMSW, Licensed Mental Health Therapist of Loring Therapy, LLC

& Founder of Do it for You Women's Retreats.

12:45 p.m. - Glow Zumba

Dance Lights & Glow swag provided in this international music fitness workshop for all fitness levels. Even beginners! Sandy makes her routines easy to follow with just the right combination of fitness and fun. Laugh & Dance in this ‘Exercise in Disguise’.

Instructor: Sandy Smith-Anderson - Registered Nurse and Zumba Instructor

1:45 - Lunch Break with Meditation, Crafts, Massage, Bowen Body Work, Chill Room etc.

BYO Lunch or Go out for Lunch. Healthy Snacks, Coffee & Tea provided.

Optional Free Activities during the lunch hour: Chill in our "Chill Room" with comfortable seating, Chill Music, Crafts, Coloring and optional meditation the last 1/2 hour of lunch (2:15-2:45).

Optional paid services: Massage by Jayne Evelyn provided at discounted rate & Bowen Body Work by Lisa Teets. Bring cash.

3:00 - Reframe your Story 

Ide​ntify, Write & Rewrite your Personal Story in a Safe Space. We will utilize breath work, yoga, journaling and clearing techniques in this one hour class. Share if you'd like, but it will be free from any critiquing. Bring your yoga mat, cushion or blanket, journal or notebook and pen.

Instructor: Carrie Hura, Yoga Instructor, Massage Therapist and Workshop Leader

4:15 - Beginner Belly Dance & Dance Therapy

You do not have to know how to dance to take this workshop. Do you feel you don't have any rhythm? Don't worry about it! Movement & Dance is Therapeutic for the mind and body.

Enrich your inner strength and outer physical strength while learning to shimmy your cares away!

This workshop is about expression, not perfection.

We will use mental strengthening, muscle memory and easy dance techniques to empower your brain and body in this fun and empowering workshop. Wear: Regular workout clothing. Optional: Bring any type of scarf to wrap around your hips. There will also be a few loaner coin hip scarves available as well.


Instructor: Charity Loring, LMSW Licensed Mental Health Therapist of Loring Therapy, LLC

& Founder of Do it for You Women's Retreats.

6:00 - Candlelight Slow Flow Yoga & Meditation

End the perfect day with nurturing Candlelight Slow Flow Yoga. This class is for all fitness levels, even beginners. We will wrap up the Yoga Session with a short guided relaxation & empowerment meditation to send you home with a full mind, body and heart.

Instructor: Rachel Kain, Registered Yoga Instructor

Throughout the Day - Additional Perks for Full Day Pass Participants

Chill Room - The Chill room will be available all day to take breaks when you need them. The Chill room will be equipped with free crafts, chill music, essential oil diffuser in the room, coloring and comfortable seating.

Snacks, Coffee & Tea - Free Snacks, Coffee & Tea all throughout the day.

Massage - Additional Cost. Offered by Licensed practitioner Jayne Evelyn. 50% discount - $5 for first 10 minutes. $1 per minute after that. Jayne uses sweedish and deep tissue techniques to soothe the body. Jayne's mission is to to help her clients achieve a greater sense of wellness and awareness of their bodies and muscular health. 

Bowen Body Work - Additional Cost. $15 for 30 min. Bowenwork is a gentle hands-on therapy that triggers the body to heal itself by addressing the cause of the problem rather than focusing on the symptoms, it can provide relief of pain from many chronic conditions. Using non-invasive muscle rolls that stimulate the body to reset and heal itself. The work results in a deep sense of overall relaxation. See Offered by: Lisa Teets, certified Bowenwork therapist, yoga, pilates and group exercise instructor. 

Trigger Free Zone

Some Women will be in recovery so we will provide a trigger free zone. Alcohol or drugs (including medical marijuana) will not be permitted at this event. Please be thoughtful towards your fellow woman and please make sure to not come to the retreat intoxicated or smelling of substances.

Childcare not Provided.

Purchase your $80 Day Pass Here: Retreat Payment

Single Workshop - $20: Email for availability

Bring to the Retreat:

* Notebook

* Pen

* Blanket, towel or both

* Yoga mat (a small number of loaner mats will be available)

* Tennis shoes & workout clothing

* Cash if you would like a Massage or Bowen Body Work

Location: Spark Collective East

215 W. Michigan Ave, Ypsilanti, MI

Parking: Free. Metered Street Parking, Library Parking Lot (next door) and Public Parking Lots are free on Sundays.


Hosted by Charity Loring, LMSW of Loring Therapy LLC in Garden City, MI

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